Kimberly Leeper


Kimberly has been a Seattlite for 22 years. She is an educator, permaculture designer, plant and wildlife enthusiast who specializes in Pacific NW native plants, beneficial wildlife habitat, and food forests/edible forest gardens. Kimberly has a diverse background, including school psychology; teaching and learning with children and adults in schools and woods; community organizing for collaborative emergency preparedness; volunteering with community gardens and plant-related endeavors, including the Beacon Food Forest for past 5 years; and leading a sustainable landscaping company - Mariposa Naturescapes (2005 - 2016) and Oasis Edible Naturescapes (2016 to present with co-owner, Aaron Armstrong). Kimberly loves inspiring people to think more holistically about their landscapes and the planet, and create an oasis with lots of foraging opportunities! Check out her business Oasis Edible Naturescapes for more information.


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