Dakota Keene


Dakota Keene is a Seattle native and her love for the natural world was cultivated as a child running around in the northwest woods, swimming in mountain creeks, and hiking the sagebrush steppe in Eastern Washington. Her love of design and nature brought her to the profession of landscape architecture and she has been practicing since 2003 at Mithun. Finding ways to connect people to nature is her life work, especially in the urban context, and finding ways to empower people to create gathering, contemplation, beauty, AND production in their spaces, is one of her passions. She is a mini-farm enthusiast, new chicken mama (and actual mama of a couple of fledgling urban farmers) and an aspiring composter (just got to 100 degrees the other day, finally). Dakota has served on the Executive Committee of the Washington Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, the Homeless Place of Remembrance Committee, and the Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks Board of Directors.

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