Alicia Hale


“I always like toast in a crisis.” - Dr. Who

Alicia is a self-taught baker from a family of enthusiastic cooks. Her interest in sourdough was piqued after leaving her teaching job of nine years to take some time at home with her two sons. 

Baking sourdough soon got out of hand as extra loaves ended up in the hands of neighbors and nearby friends. It wasn’t long before Crown Hill Crumbs was born as a community supported bakery out of her very small kitchen. 

Alicia is committed to working with local flour and Washington State is very lucky to have some very dedicated grain farmers and millers who are focused on sustainability and preservation of grain varieties. Alicia strives to to share her knowledge of the grain revival within our state to empower home bakers. 

Her approch to teaching sourdough baking is flexible - as she believes good bread can fit into anyone’s life with a bit of practice. She is very committed in helping students feel confident in their bread making style by the end of class. 

Kellie Phelan