Aaron Armstrong


Permaculture, and the question of how we can form a regenerating and more holistically-minded society, has been the core of who Aaron is since he started working at age 12 in a neighbor’s garden. Aaron hails from the Pacific Northwest and spent years travelling abroad and working on Japanese tea farms. Following those experiences, Aaron committed himself to education and continued working on Permaculture, including living and working on a small urban farm in North Seattle called Wallingfarm. In 2016, Aaron joined his friend and fellow respected landscape designer Kimberly Leeper in creating a new tool for change called Oasis Edible Naturescapes. Through Oasis, Aaron is able to continue learning and educating the community and is empowered to make the change towards a more regenerative society through exciting urban landscape designs and installations. Aaron also dedicates his time to supporting the Northwest Permaculture Convergence, an annual Permaculture conference, by serving on its board.


Katie Stemp