Top 10 Egg Laying Chickens

First posted on The Weekend Prepper Chickens lay eggs all year long – with really productive hens laying more than 200 eggs a year. So if you choose your breeds carefully, you will be well supplied with eggs with only a few chickens in your flock.

Let’s take a look at 10 popular and prolific egg layers.

  • Black Sexlink – This chicken is a cross between a Barred Rock hen and a Rhode Island Red cock. It is a pretty gentle chicken and a prolific egg layer. It lays large brown eggs and typical production is approximately 240 eggs per year per bird.
  • Red Sexlink – Created by breeding a Rhode Island Red male and a Rhode Island White female, this chicken is very common in commercial breeding operations. It lays large brown eggs and its typical production is about 240 eggs per year.
  • White Leghorn – This chicken is a great egg layer but a bit of a nervous breed. It lays approximately 250 white eggs per year.
  • California White – This chicken is an excellent producer of large white eggs. They are known to lay a whopping 300 eggs per year.
  • California Gray – Like the white, this chicken will deliver a massive 300 large white eggs per year.
  • Barred Rock – This friendly breed lays approximately 200 large brown eggs per year.
  • Rhode Island White – This attractive chicken is know to lay approximately 250 brown eggs per year.
  • Gold Sexlink – A very popular hybrid chicken and a prolific producer, typically laying 250 large brown eggs per year.
  • Rhode Island Red – A great producer of large brown eggs, layinhg approximately 250 eggs per year.
  • Ameraucana (Easter Egg chickens) are know for their very colorful eggs. They are also prolific layers, often laying more than 300 eggs per year.