Homemade Memory Jar


Last weekend we attended a wedding for two of the nicest people who have been together off an on since middle school, and I wanted to create something special and homemade for them. I made this memory jar and added a ready-to-go note taking kit. Start with a large glass jar that has a lid (there are great ones at IKEA are only $3-4), tape off an area with painters tape and paint a label area onto the jar.

Using paint and paintbrush or paint markers, decorate the label with whatever message you want to share.

Wrap the top with twine, raffia, ribbon or yarn.

Add moss and some cool rocks or shells to the bottom - secure with a hot glue gun.

memory jar

For the note kit I used this paper pencil holder from Target ($4), then cut up cute scrapbook paper into small squares. Add a sharpie, some pretty yarn or ribbon around the top and stamp with a message. This stamp was in the $1 dollar section at Target too.

Super cute, pretty enough for a display area and ready to use!