Happy 1st Anniversary Farm School Family!


We opened our "virtual" doors for business one year ago today! In our first year we have served over 500 people through our classes and events including after-school classes, spring seed swap, Urban Farm Tour, summer field trips and skill-based classes for the whole community!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support and encouragement you have given to us this past year! A very special thank you to the following people and organizations who have played a part in helping me learn everything about running a business from the ground up. It's been a full 12 months and you have each taught me something unique that has shaped Seattle Farm School this year. I couldn't have done this without you!

We have accomplished so much in our first year and I'm super excited for 2016! You all are quite the team!!

  • Dustin, Bella and Jonny for everything! I love you three so much!
  • Our families for your constant support and encouragement
  • Candace Winkler: website and graphics, business mentorship, marketing and pre-dawn cross-country weekly meetings and friendship
  • Teachers: Krista Staudacher, Kelli Thomas, Kellie Phelan, Jeremy Puma, Matt Bentley, Pam Poulsen Linxweiler, Hayla Thompson, Cyndi O'Brien, Missy Anderson, Taffeta Vee, Holly Briscoe, Kimberley Leeper, Jackie Cramer, Fawn Coussens
  • Idea & event development and support: Kristen Corning, Phoebe Ingraham, Christine Estep, Sarah Heitman, Janelle Doig, Krista Staudacher, Jen Schill, Gerrit Kischner, Jen Girou, Kristin Dickerson
  • Artwork: JoEllen Wang
  • Marketing & Social Media support: Gabe Hargis & Print NW, West Seattle Blog, Sustainable West Seattle, Allison Sutcliffe & Red Tricycle Seattle, Mary Englin & Macaroni Kids West Seattle, Seattle Met Magazine, Jenn Dowell, Katie Kadwell, Kathy Henderson, Marie Santo, Saundra Hinsley, Emily Ramirez & Hold Me Don't Hold Me parenting blog, Angela Strand & NWHealthyMamas.com, Kelli Henderson & Zippy Dogs, Janelle Maiocco & Barn2Door, Sheryl Wiser & Cascade Harvest Coalition, Verity Credit Union, Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, Seattle Bloggers Unite, Seattle Farm Co-op, Portage Bay Grange
  • Networking & Encouragement: Karen Kasameyer, Jeri & Amy Andrews, Reuben Butler, Ross Chapin, Ranette Iding, Pamela Hinckley, Andrea Laughery, Seattle Tilth Garden Educators Group
  • Business development guidance and ideas: Pinchot University crew - Mike Skinner, Kerrie Carbary, Christine Cole, Jeff Crowl, Julie Chan; Johnnie Green, Martita Green, Luni Libes
  • Seed library & urban farm projects: Territorial Seed Company, Seed Savers Exchange, West Seattle Nursery, Sam at Raintree Nursery, Krista Staudacher, Jason Randolph at Sound Advertising Group, Caitlin Moore, Bill Thorness & King County Seed Lending Library
  • Policies and Practices: Mike Hemker, Sarah Valpone, Shawn McClain & PHE Insurance team, West Seattle Fabric Company
  • Classroom space: C&P Coffee, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, West Seattle Art Nest, Hiawatha Community Center, Saundra Hinsley, Matt Bentley & Kellie Phelan, Krista Staudacher, Holly Briscoe, Three Little Birds
  • Class and Event support and hosting: West Seattle Nursery, West Seattle Be Prepared, Department of Neighborhoods - P-Patches (Barton, Highpoint & Westcrest), West Seattle Bee Garden, The Little Red Hen Project, Urban Flex Farms, Seattle Childrens Museum, Nancy Slote & West Seattle Library, West Seattle Eagles, West Seattle Tool Library, Community Orchard of West Seattle, Whitney Murphy, Ray & Phoebe Ingraham, Wendy Neary, Buried Treasure Urban Farm, Teri Schroeder, Pathfinders K-8: Tasha Mosher, Tara Migliore-Potter, Paul Gautschi homestead, Seattle Science Center IMAX
  • Childrens Garden: Jennifer Babuca & St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church
  • Dakota Grange ideas and support: JoEllen Wang, Klara Pecak, Genesee-Schmitz Neighborhood Council - Mary Fleck, Elaine Ike, Janet Jones, Bob Yeasting, Kerrie Schurr, Melissa Pemberton, West Seattle neighbors and parents that I've talked to
  • Policy makers & Politicians working on furthering urban agriculture in Seattle: the teams of Dow Constantine & the King County Local Food Initiative, Tom Rasmussen, Nick Licata, Green Spaces Coalition
  • Community support: Emily Seltzer Williams & Fit4Mom West Seattle, Jackie Clough & Alki Party Treasures, West Seattle Urban Farmers Facebook group, Sustainable West Seattle, Schmitz Park families, Delridge Grocery Co-op
  • And to all the kids, teens and adults that have joined us at a class or an event this year - THANK YOU!!!  This wouldn't happen without you!

I really hope I didn't miss anyone!  Cheers to you all and a BIG OLE HUG from me to you!

~Katie Stemp


Cupcake photo source.