Emergency Supplies available on our new Amazon Store


I love punching fear in the face and I'm excited to do that together over the next 6 months. Our first Emergency Preparedness Class is this Wednesday and I AM THRILLED! We have a full class - if you missed out on registering don't worry - we'll do it again next fall! Part of preparing is going through your own house and finding what you already have that can be used in emergencies. The stuff you don't have, you gotta get right? Over the past 2 years I've done a ton of research and reading on "bugging out" and sheltering at your own home...and I've put together an Amazon store of the highest rated, lowest-priced, mostly PRIME shipping items you may need. There are pre-assembled Red Cross first aid kits if you want a basic one-stop shop, or lots of items that you can customize your own supply kit/pack with.

So check it out friends! Stock up slowly or all at once, whatever your budget allows. But start now and get yourself ready for whatever may come our way. I'm personally hoping for a zombie-sharknado crossover. That will make an excellent mini-series someday...when the lights turn back on. Haha! :)

Our Emergency Preparedness page will start to be filled with templates and resources for your personal planning soon...stay tuned!

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