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Have you ever wanted to peek into those cool backyards in your neighborhood?  Check out what they are growing and doing? Now is your chance!  Our first annual Urban Farm Tour will feature some of the best urban farms here in West Seattle! It's fun, affordable, and family-friendly!  All kids under 18 are free!

We love to provide opportunities for neighbors to work together, families to bond and communities to get stronger and more self-sufficient. By bringing you an exciting tour of urban farms we hope you get inspired to do something in your yard, or in your neighborhood, to produce local, sustainable, organic food. GROW a better food system!! Provide for your family and share extra with those in need!

As a native Seattleite I love this city so much and want to inspire you to make your neighborhood even more amazing! So grab breakfast with some friends and head out on this one-day awesome tour of urban farms right here in West Seattle!! Maybe next year YOUR urban farm will be featured!!

See you on the Tour!

~Katie Stemp

Owner & Founder, Seattle Farm School

apples in a bushel basket    raised beds   basket of multi-colored eggs

The Urban Farm Tour will include all types of urban farming and homesteading like:

  • home fruit orchards
  • chicken coops for large and small flocks
  • beekeeping
  • aquaponics setups (fish tanks/ponds + garden = awesome!)
  • edible gardening for large yards, small yards, patios and parking strips
  • permaculture and food forest examples (mimics natural ecology to produce low-maintenance/high productivity edible landscaping)
  • community gardens
  • school gardens
  • neighborhood organizations and companies that are great resources for urban farming
  • and so much more!

See Urban Farms in action!! Take tons of photos! Notes! Make friends with other gardeners! Bring your kids!! Make memories!!!

Get to know some of the passionate and dedicated organizations that are devoted to furthering local food and urban farming here in Seattle. Our tour will feature several companies that are actively advancing local food and edible gardening - come meet them in person!

All ages welcome! $15 per individual. Kids under 18 are free! Just like our classes, we encourage you to make this a family event and bring the kids for free!

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