We are in the Seattle Met Magazine this month! Bucket List Check!


  Oh my gosh!! The brand new issue of Seattle Met Magazine just came out and we are in the "Food Lovers A to Z Guide of Seattle" cover story! I'm so excited and so proud! Thank you Seattle Met Magazine!

The article features so many people who have inspired me in this journey:

- Kurt Timmermeister of Vashon Island whose book Growing a Farmer gave me courage to just get started on the Seattle Farm School because I love everything we do so much and knew that I could figure out the logistics along the way, just like he has done with his farm,

- Matt Dillon and all of his amazingness - his support of local farms, educating the younger generation and creating incredible atmospheres (I want my future permanent school to look like the London Plane - so beautiful!),

- Tom Douglas and his team at Hot Stove Society, teaching regular ole' folks like us how to cook amazing things in a fun atmosphere,

- And a whole slew of local farms, food artisans, restaurants and books that make this the best damn place in the world to live!

I am so honored and happy to be among these giants, to look up to their achievements and keep dreaming about our own future here at Seattle Farm School - to keep making self-reliance fun and bring skills and education to the community!

seattle met pic My big BIG dream is to work with Seattle Public Schools to turn Schmitz Park Elementary into an urban farm and educational center to teach kids in our school district and those surrounding us these important urban homesteading skills of growing, cooking and preserving food, sewing, crafting, alternative energy, and raising livestock in the city.

It would also be a place to help train new small scale farmers, offer classes to the community, sell extra produce, locally made crafts and food products, and host a cafe and weekend farm-to-table supper club (making money that supports our schools!!). All while teaching our youth professional skills, entrepreneurial & management skills, how to serve others well, and caring and protecting our environment. I hope someone reading this can help put us on the path to making it happen!! (email me directly at Katie@SeattleFarmSchool.com !)


~Katie Stemp

Founder & Owner Seattle Farm School