Vertical Gardening Tent


I love trying to get the most food out of the least space. Vertical gardening is a great way to do it. I built this trellis-tent out of bamboo stalks a new friend on cut and delivered to me from their yard! I basically just wedged the heck out of them into the ground at an angle, tied them together at the top, ran a long pole of bamboo along the top and fastened it down tight to each upside down V, then strung twine along both sides. I'll have to put up chicken wire or some kind of mesh wire along both sides to make it sturdy enough for everything I want to grow (gourds, cucumbers, beans, peas, pumpkins...anything that vines!). It will be so easy to pick it all this summer! It's tall enough for me to walk under standing upright and will be an AWESOME shady place for my kids to play this summer. The best thing? It was FREE to make, and I did it by myself in an afternoon with lots of finger painting breaks with my 3 year old.

Get creative with stuff you have or can find! Make a piece of garden art or a decorative growing structure! I'd love to see what y'all have made with found items and recycled items in your own home!

IMAG1161 Here are the "flying V's" before getting the top pole fastened across them. IMAG1172 Here is the tangled up mess of twine that took me three times as long to unwind as it did to string up. IMAG1179 And finally, I got to plant peas before it got dark outside! A pretty great day!