On the subject of seed starting....


I'll show you my super simple setup for this year. I even got fancy and actually purchased seed starting potting mix from True Value. Maybe I'll have better luck this time! As the saying goes - you get out of it what you put in it. I'm putting in quality this time because I want my harvesting crew to be super busy this summer. IMAG1123 IMAG1124

If you want an idea of how much you'll expect to invest in your seed trays, I purchased these all at True Value in the Junction. I bought 4 trays with cell pack inserts and each tray was $2ish and each pack of cell packs inserts were $2ish also (they fill one tray). The bag of soil was $7 and had enough to fill 4 trays with some leftover. So let's just round it out to $25ish. And you can use a True Value coupon to save $5 off if you get over $25. Pretty sweet. Then I packed it all home on the stroller. I totally planned that out well.  And yes, my son is in there somewhere too!


However, just because I've upped my game in the quality department doesn't mean I've become a patient gardener. I still dump tons of the tiniest seeds into each spot because I don't want to take the time to fish out 2 or 3. I use the sprinkle method. Whatever makes it, makes it. I never know when I'm going to be "summoned" and have to call it quits for the day. Or I get distracted by another half finished project and never make it back around so I want to get it done as quickly as possible.

IMAG1128_1 IMAG1129

I use a chopstick to push the big seeds down, and extra soil to cover up the little ones. Instead of trying to label every cell, I label the tray with a number, then draw out a diagram of each tray and label that paper instead. Keep that paper safe!

What happens when you use quality seeds and quality soil? Everything grows!! Holy Bananas Batman! I know I should be thinning stuff out now, but that's the worst feeling ever. I'll see how many I can transplant into bigger pots and give away this week instead. Friends....beware, you may hear your doorbell ring and come out to find loads of baby plants on your doorstep. You are obligated to lie to me if they die, and send me fake internet pictures of how well they are growing this summer. Just like I'll do of mine. :)