Coffee Class!


To say I learned a lot about coffee roasting and brewing from Matt Bentley this past Saturday is an UN-DER-STATE-MENT! The man is a genius, a mad scientist even when it comes to coffee and the art of roasting. It was such a cool class! I drank THE BEST cup of coffee I've ever had in my entire life from an aeropress (didn't even know that was a thing), and now I look at my french press with disdain every morning. Ok, not really, I'll still drink the coffee! I need it! IMAG1484

my new favorite coffee tool...the aeropress!

Darren and his daughter Saige took home their own specially roasted coffee and she is now even more well trained in the art of coffee making (and delivering to her parents) - way to go guys! I'm taking notes for my 6 year old too!  Listening to Darren and Matt talk about coffee roasters, grinders, brewers and beans I learned a whole new language and my appreciation for coffee aficionados increased tremendously.  It's such an art!

But seriously people, when we offer this class again around Fathers Day (hint hint...great class for the dude in your life), sign up. It's the bees knees!


IMAG1480 pictures of the coffee in the cup. I was too busy drinking it down!