What to do in your garden now: Mulch!


If you have a garden that is "resting" this winter, cover it with mulch! It's the best investment you can make for the health of your garden! Leaf piles, fresh wood chips (not beauty bark - very few nutrients left), straw (not hay - too many seeds), and horse manure are all great mulches that can be layered a few inches high. Over time they break down into your soil, releasing nutrients that will feed your veggies, fruits and flowers! Mulch also suppresses weeds, helps retain moisture during dry spells and protects tender fruits like strawberries from resting on the dirt and spoiling.  Mulching means less weeding and watering, and more harvesting! The best mulches are usually free!  Collect leaves from your neighbors yard or wood chips from a chipper you see on the road - they will be happy to dump them in your yard instead of pay to dump somewhere else.  Right now my garden has 6 inches of wood chips from a neighbors tree that was trimmed, topped with an inch of horse manure from the Seattle Mounted Police stables!  Next years garden is going to rock!

What kind of mulch do you use and what do you grow?

Photo credit: www.mollys-kitchen.blogspot.com