Phoebe Ingraham - Advisory Committee

IMG_3213Originally from a small agricultural community in Upstate New York, I'm a 15 year Seattle resident who loves the big city but loves being in the country. Daughter of a true hippy, I grew up learning how to do things at home like bake bread, spin wool, and sew. We had a menagerie of animals including sheep, horses, rabbits, dogs and cats. I'm passionate about traveling, for the sake of learning about cultures and people. I love creating things with my hands, digging in the dirt, reading, camping, beaching, dancing, hiking, bike riding, swimming, anything that generally gets me out in nature. As the proud mama of two high energy boys, I'm always on the go and so glad that I'm not squeamish about exploring "stuff." Our backyard farm currently consists of 14 chickens and an old nanny dog (but could be expanding soon to include a bunny, if the 5 year old has his way, a goat if the husband has his way, or a horse if I have my way...). I'm a foodie and have been mistaken as a food critic by a waiter in a restaurant. I love eating from the source, meeting the farmer, knowing the producer. IMG_1275Currently the business manager for an architecture firm that focuses on environmentally sustainable, urban infill projects, I am a "jill of all trades" with over 15 years of experience working for small and mid-size businesses in all phases of the business life cycle. I thrive when I am creating and improving systems, and I shine when I'm working with people that love what they do and I get to help them do it better. As a servant leader, I love helping a dreamer realize their dream.