Candace Winkler - Web Design

Web design and graphic work has been a passion of mine for as long as I've had access to a computer. With my college training in psychology, operating multiple companies (an in-home computer repair outfit, a tutoring company with a focus on computer training for adults, a water treatment company, a business operating public water systems and a water utility for a subdivision in Wasilla, Alaska), volunteering with several non-profit agencies and 15 years of web design experience I bring a unique skill set to the table when it comes to web design. I understand the importance of tailoring your website to fit your customers needs.. a website isn't just a company flyer! You want your clients to interact with your site so you can build the relationships that matter. Maybe I'm nuts but I really enjoy the diverse range of work I get to do. I'm also currently studying to get my real estate license in the state of Pennsylvania and writing a book on dreadlocks! I really feel that discovering your passions and learning as much as you can in any given scenario is the way to live life. Working with Seattle Farm School on this project has been a total joy! Get in on one of the classes as soon as you have the chance.. I promise you will not be disappointed. The dedication and enthusiasm from Katie and the teachers and crew is incredible and totally genuine! A seriously great group if there ever was one.

If you're interested in any of my projects, please, get in touch!

WinkWink - Web and Graphic Design - business or personal - logos, websites, flyers, invitations - Dreadlocks Project


I can also be reached by email - and by phone: 907-315-4596