Living Life BIG

I’m going to level with you friends, this has been a big month. Really big. Ranks right up there with getting married and having kids. Starting Seattle Farm School is really exciting, scary and exhilarating all at once. A month ago this was just a seed of an idea that had been taking root over the last few years. And now look where we are!  I am so grateful to be surrounded by very trustworthy and invested family and friends who are helping this dream come to life. Thank you to my web designer and business planning guru Candace, this isn’t possible without your creativity, skills and desire to build this site during your epic road trip across America - amazing. Thank you talented Teachers of SFS, you are my MVP’s! To my mama friends who have helped brainstorm ideas and taken care of kiddos - thank you! And to the many others involved - accountants, attorneys, bankers, business mentors, rental location agents, the IRS, the Secretary of State, and Uncle Sam. Well okay, maybe not Uncle Sam.  We made it! ….to the starting line! Most importantly, I want to thank my husband Dustin who believes in me and this project, and has given me grace while I work until 3am most nights. Thank you to our two littles, ages 5 and 2, who have kept it real every day by jumping on my lap, the floor, the pillows and eventually crashing into each other.  I am building my dream now so you can someday build yours.

And you. Dear Farm Schoolers. Your messages of encouragement have kept this going at breakneck pace and empower me to stay up all hours of the night to brainstorm class ideas, manage schedules, write content for the website, research calendar and payment methods to make finding, inspiring and signing up for our classes as easy as possible for you. [frame src="" width="180" link="" target="_self" alt="Get Out There!" align="left" prettyphoto="false"]

We all have a dream of something big we want to do with our lives, or a lot of something bigs.  This is one of mine.  I am no stranger to hearing the voices in my head that say “Who are you to actually make this work?  You are JUST a stay at home mom who has had 26 jobs in 20 years.”  You know what?  That’s right. I am. I will never be, and never want to be perfect at anything because life is messy and fun and exciting and spontaneous.  I’m taking a leap.  And your encouragement has kept me going because I know how excited you all are to be a part of Seattle Farm School.  Thank you.  

What is your dream? Take the first step, see where it leads! Don’t be afraid that the path is unknown. Every day this venture has brought a dozen unknowns for me. Punch fear in the face and walk on!

So take your first step towards your dream. And your second.

And sign up for classes. And bring your friends. it!

See you in class Farm Schoolers! :)

In parting - and so you can see what an awesome community is building here - enjoy these great messages I’ve received over the past month! [quote_simple]I nearly collapsed from excitement when I saw the piece about your need for home arts teachers on the blog! I moved here from Virginia about six months ago and have taught to both children and adults and I absolutely love it. My last job was also at an old fashioned family farm in Virginia where I sewed and crocheted, among other things. I can’t wait to hear from you! - Kelli T.[/quote_simple]

[quote_simple]I read about your new program on the West Seattle Blog. I think a farm school is a great idea! - Brigida S.[/quote_simple] [quote_simple]I first heard about your Seattle Farm School endeavor through Sustainable West Seattle, and now I just saw it posted on the blog. This is very cool and exciting! - Kellie P.[/quote_simple]

[quote_simple]What an amazing venture and so needed. I would love to be involved in some way. - Lydia E.[/quote_simple] [quote_simple]Through a fabulous network of my amazing friends, I came across your home arts project and I see that you’re looking for folks who are savvy in domestic arts to share their knowledge. I share a love for the sorts of living essentials that have been passed on from generation to generation and I would love being a part of this effort! - Angela G.[/quote_simple] [quote_simple]Read about Farm School on this morning's WSB--what a great idea! - Grace C.[/quote_simple] [quote_simple]What a great idea! Glad you are making it happen. - Eden G.[/quote_simple] [quote_simple]I think it's awesome that you are providing this opportunity to the community! - Aleeza A.[/quote_simple]

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