Meet Krista Staudacher!

15451263697_5d7102c787_zA little bit about me...Gardening Addict. Crazy canning fool. Bake-aholic. Outdoor lover. Mommy. Wife. Just a few words that describe me! I was raised in the ‘burbs of metro Detroit :) but for the last 10 years I have been living in Seattle. I am married to an awesome husband & with one beautiful little girl, Penelope, who is almost 2 years old. I work full time and blog as a hobby that I squeeze into my schedule.

I have a passion for gardening and using my harvest to make meals, treats and more. I had my first garden when I was 15 years old and haven't stopped since! I grew up with my Grandma as my gardening role model, she had a huge garden and raspberry patch in her backyard that provided fresh food all summer long. She made fresh jams, cooked up a storm and was a baking extraordinaire. The seed was planted in me and so my gardening addiction it is 20 years later!

Now gardening in Seattle is totally different from the mid-west and I learned that the hard way! The first couple of years I gardened like I was living in Michigan- lots of tomatoes, peppers, cukes...heat loving plants. Guess how that turned out? Finally I started to discover some of the great plants of the Pacific Northwest...chard, beets, broccoli and learned what varieties of heat lovers work here. Over the years it has also become important to me to eat non-GMO, chemical free food so I have mastered organic methods.

So what's next? Looking forward to launching my own Edible Gardening consulting company in 2015! Stay tuned!

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