New Teacher: Hayla Thompson!

[frame src="" width="200" link="" target="_self" alt="Hayla Thompson" align="left" prettyphoto="false"] Hayla, tell us about yourself:

My favorite compliment that I have ever received was when someone I greatly respect described me as eccentric. I consider it my life's purpose to constantly learn new things and improve on the varied skills I have already accumulated. Life is short, so be interesting!

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*I cook real food from scratch multiple times everyday in my own kitchen. I have spent the past 20 years dedicated to becoming a top notch home cook and by all accounts, I have met that goal. I love to feed people and to teach people how simple and rewarding it is to make good, real food. So far, I have taught whoever is willing to learn…friends…family…anyone who happens to be standing in my kitchen at the right time. I am passionate specifically about teaching people who feel it's too overwhelming to cook on a budget, and for allergies. I also specifically want to teach young people heading out into the world who have never cooked before; because cooking for yourself is truly a survival skill.

*I've been creating and making things most of my life.

*I regularly gift friends and family handmade gifts that actually get used and worn in public regularly.

*I am currently the Lafayette Elementary school play Costume Designer. Last year was my first year as Costume Designer for Lafayette and it was a total success. I spent hours designing and constructing in excess of 25 original costumes as well as instructing volunteers how to put together some of the simpler designs.

*I've been the art aid for kindergarten and first grade at Schmitz Park elementary for the last two years, including this one. I teach hands-on art with the kids in the classroom as well as prep the materials and art curriculum.

*I volunteered to coordinate the class auction project for my daughter's class at Lafayette elementary for the last four years. This involves working with the children to decide on a project and then execute it with a deadline in mind. We've done a fabric decoupage triptych and molded and painted concrete garden art.

*2013-2014 school year Schmitz Park Elementary kindergarten spring showcase Costume Designer. I designed and instructed a group of room moms on constructing the costumes for our kindergarten class and it was tons of fun.

*I've taught my three children paper and fiber arts, sculpture, and countless other things over the last 14 years.

*I am a hobbyist blacksmith and have a full metal shop at my house. Some of the things I have made are garden gates, cast brass sculptures, fabricated metal boxes, dozens of metal roses, multiple plasma cut sculptures and beautiful handmade nails.

*I am an original founder of the Dockyard Derby Dames. In 2005 after moving from Seattle to Tacoma and feeling isolated because I didn't know anyone in the city, I decided to create my own community by starting a Roller Derby League. Within a month of starting out with hand made glitter covered flyers, contacting Rat City RG's and reaching out to people I knew in the lower Puget Sound region, I successfully brought several groups of people together and DyDD was born. My goal was to create a competitive league that could survive successfully after I left it. I am happy to say, I reached that goal and they are still going strong to this day. It was the greatest learning experience of my life and I am very proud of what I, and many others, accomplished.

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