I had to look up what Grassroots meant. A bunch of hippies dancing barefoot in the grass with face to the sun and flowers in their hair...very boho-chic right? I vaguely knew it meant starting from the ground up, with passionate people, hard work and a little money. Like Seattle Farm School. We are growing from the ground up, with people who are purposeful about passing these skills down the generations. We have invested people. Like you, who are excited to teach, to learn, to share with your kids and your friends, to go home and impress a loved one with what you can do. [frame src="" width="190" link="" target="_self" alt="Quilting" align="right" prettyphoto="false"]

Thank you for sharing about us on Facebook, Twitter, email, at church group, or book club, at the gym, your kids school or over drinks at the bar. Keep sharing! And keep signing up for classes, preferably with a friend! The quicker they fill, the more new ones I’ll add. See how that works?!

Happy Farm School days!