Restaurant-Quality Steak - May 20, $100 - West Seattle

Restaurant-Quality Steak - May 20, $100 - West Seattle


Get ready for summer cookout season! Come learn how to make restaurant-quality steak and indulge in an amazing meal. Cooking steak at home is not only cheaper than eating it at a restaurant, but it can be tastier too! 

You’ll learn two methods for making steak at home - how to grill a perfect steak and how to make a just-as-tasty weeknight steak that’s hands-off in the oven and finished in the pan. While the steaks cook, we’ll discuss the magic behind the process, including what to look for when selecting a steak, when to season your steak, and how to get a perfectly cooked inside with a nice crusty outside. 

You’ll get hands-on practice time with both methods, and then we’ll share a meal. You’ll get to compare the flavors of the grilled steak and the oven steak, along side scalloped potatoes, dressed greens, and, of course, some perfectly paired red wine. You’ll go home with a full belly and the skills to cook your own restaurant-quality steaks at home. 

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Location:  Private residence in West Seattle; address will be emailed to you prior to the class.

Sunday, May 20 | 3-6pm

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