Start Your Own Seeds - March 25, $50 - West Seattle

Start Your Own Seeds - March 25, $50 - West Seattle

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Starting your own seeds is an essential gardening skill. Seeds are significantly cheaper than starts, so this is a good approach if you are budget-conscious. And seed selection is more diverse than starts, which will give you access to a greater variety of plants.

In this hands-on class, we'll review the steps to starting seeds indoors, including determining the timing, preparing the containers, getting the planting medium ready, sowing the seeds, providing enough light, being consistent in watering, thinning the seedlings, feeding the seedlings, up-potting seedlings to larger containers (if needed), and hardening the seedlings and plant them outside.

We will also make seed pots out of newspaper and you’ll leave the class with seeds you’ve planted to take home, watch them germinate, then plant in your own garden!

Each adult can bring a child with them for free.

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Location: Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, 4408 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106

Sunday, March 25 * 2-3:30pm

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