Caffeine Delivery Methods 101 - June 2, $60 - West Seattle

Caffeine Delivery Methods 101 - June 2, $60 - West Seattle


Hard to imagine your morning without coffee? Want to imagine it with better tasting coffee? Come learn how to pull espresso shots, brew via Chemex, and even have great coffee on the road or at work!

We'll start with beans, including how freshly roasted beans impact flavor. We'll touch on how to get into home roasting, including what gear you need and where to buy green beans. Then we'll move on to grinding, brew ratios, and the importance of weighing your coffee and your brew.

We'll serve up pastries to accompany your coffee sampling, and we'll run a roast so you can go home with your own half-pound of custom beans. 

Location:  Private residence in West Seattle; address will be emailed to you prior to the class.

Saturday, June 2 | 10am-1pm

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